RTW BTS - Shotgun



26 Jun , 2017  

Ok, so I fucking nailed the alliteration in this headline. I’m giving myself a pat on the back for that one.

I think Release The Woolves are likely one of the most interesting new artists to pop up in 2017 so far. Earlier this year saw the drop of their debut single “Midnight“, a massive trap banger that tells an engaging story, I feel that in itself is a rarity. It’s an interesting trait that these producers have managed to weave across all the tracks from their debut EP.

They’ve also now just dropped a full self-titled EP release which includes a bloody corker of a track called “Shotgun” featuring Australia’s own RNB powerhouse, Maribelle. The video is captivating to watch, visually an asset that grows that shadowy aesthetic that bonds so well with their productions.

The only criticism I would make of this new project is that the “masked producers” thing is getting a bit tired and gimmicky. Deadmau5 pioneered it, Golden Features gave it a revival, Marshmello ruined the fun for everyone, and yet here we are with another act with a flashy headpiece… Of course, the consolation to this is that I get the feeling that it’s more than a gimmick, I think there’s legitimately someone hiding behind the masks; with the Woolves emerging from the same management home as Carmada, LDRU, Elk Road, Oski and Hydraulix, it’s currently anyone’s guess who’s hiding away back there.

Have a listen to the EP below and check out the video feat. Maribelle and let us know if you’ve got any theories!

Even if not, it’s a damn good debut EP and I can’t wait to hear more for the pair.

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