20 Aug , 2016  

Regional producer wunderkind Kuren only released his debut EP late last year, however he’s wasted no time celebrating following it up with a sophomoric effort this week titled “Tesseract”.

The first track is called “At Night” and features the raspy indie vocal of New Haven. Starting off as an emotional piano laden track, it doesn’t take too long before building into the forward thinking electronica you’d expect of Kuren. It involves quite a few anthemic traits, sounding sorta like what you’d imagine Calvin Harris if he tried to make auswave, however it remains grounded and softened by thoughtful empty space and bird tweeting samples.

If you aren’t across “Home” yet then you’re a big dumb idiot. Check out our recap of the track at it’s release here.

Third track on the EP is an instrumental called “Why You So?“. If I needed to sum up this track in one phrase it would be “an ancient tribal chant brought into the electronic era”. There is something stirring and overtly cinematic about this track, particularly around the last drop. It is almost as this track was written specifically for the next Will Smith action flick’s trailer. I can already imagine him leaping off a cliff or some shit.

Now, the next track and second lead single off the EP “Red Dress” featuring Canberra local Turquoise Prince LTC wasn’t really to my taste personally. I found this track a little bit like what I’d imagine Will Spark’s attempt at the ‘Australian Sound’ would sound like. That said, I know a lot of people who are frothing hard on this one. Best bet is to give the track a spin and make up your own mind instead of listening to some bloke with a WordPress account.

From the opening chords I can instantly tell the final track on the EP is more to my tastes, a future beats cross rap jam called “Gravity” featuring Feug. The production on this track is a really refined balance of delicate light production and raw overwhelming bass.

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